Plaster mouldings, paneling, friezes, brackets, façade mouldings, rosettes, cymas, ...


  • Ceiling cornices

    Plaster ceiling cornices are specially made to finish the corner inbetween the wall and the ceiling. They are the perfect finish touch pour your ceilings.

  • Mouldings

    Plaster moudlings made for creating frames on the wall or the ceiling. They are plain or onamented, really easy to set and the plaster gives them a smooth finish as it always has.

  • Rosettes

    Plaster rosettes finish the center of a ceiling. It can be easily pierced to host a hanging light hook.

  • Lightings cornices
  • Brackets

    Brackets are ornament. They nicely finish the angle of an arch. They may also be used as ornaments underneath a shelf. Gesso brackets are traditionally made with staff technique.

  • Angles and corners

    Angles and corners for a perfect and trendy finish of the cuts.

  • Paneling

    Plaster mouldings for creating paneling and cymas.

    These products are made out of stronger plaster for

    a better resistance to scratches.

  • Friezes

    Plaster friezes are flat ornamented mouldings with floral or geometric patterns. They customize the room as a cyma, 90cm above the floor level or to undeline a ceiling cornice or a mirror.

  • Bas-reliefs and angels

    Our plaster bas-reliefs are accurate representations of old pieces. Busts, fauns and angels come together with contrast, often due to viriable styles. These ornaments customize walls and panelings, ceilings and pieces of furniture. OnlinePlaster offers different products for diversity and the pleasure of the eyes. All the ornaments can be given a patina to take an ancient look.

  • Mirrors

    Plaster ornamented frame with mirror. Plain or painted plaster. Delivered on wooden underframe.

  • Ornaments
  • Columns
  • Sculptures
  • Niches
  • Mantelpieces
  • Facade mouldings

    Façade ornaments and mouldings are made out of plaster and lime and are made for outdoor use.

There are  99  products.

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There are  99  products.

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